In general, my work is about people and places. Most often, the content involves my attempts to place myself in my current context. I use the figure and figuration, anthropomorphism, art historical reference, and chiefly representation to make images that somehow anchor me to a time and place, a feeling, or a general thought, in the hope of reaching the viewer directly as well as maintaining an element of mystery.

I mainly make paintings, and I mainly teach painting and art history. The medium is about illusions, and the study is in part about manufacturing a past. Using this medium is key for me, because I can create my own fantasies, mysteries, and facts, and either mask or reveal information in the sensual texture of oils.

I delve into other media, various subject matter, and different kinds of representation to address specific ideas in my work, which are better explicated on a case-by-case basis. In this website, artist statements often accompany the body of work reproduced here to help my viewer/reader understand the aim of a series. But, in general, I make work to ground myself. It's how I process things.